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2020.10.21 13:35 panchubelo Rusia prevé comenzar en diciembre el suministro de su vacuna a América Latina - Se trata de la Sputnik V, desarrollada por el centro de investigaciones epidemiológicas y microbiología Gamaleya

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2020.10.21 13:27 amymuscle Jacked Latina Amy Muscle

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2020.10.21 12:50 Hiki7231 I hate people

I don't say that to be edgy or cool and I've felt this way since I was a child and have a tattoo to prove it but I genuinely hate people. I don't hate decent women and children but I loathe, I absolutely despise and hope for the slow agony of anyone who acts as though life is nothing more than a popularity contest where the only value you have in yourself is from everyone but yourself or generally stupid things. If I could, I would live in the middle of nowhere in a log cabin with the chance of dying by a wild animal if my weapons were of no use because why in the hypocritical Sky Daddy who can't admit he can make mistakes too would I want to be around people make excuses for their stupid behavior like, "that's life"? That's life? No, that's whatever mental illness or flaw you use as a crutch to never take responsibility for your actions and I'm supposed deal with the possibile negative impacts of your decisions as well as other's like it's a necessity? There are way too many people nowadays that need to just give a shotgun sloppy top and just let that load blow several brains out because if I keep dealing with stupid people affecting my life negatively like it's really necessary or "just life" I'm just going to start giving people what they deserve instead of trying to be a good person when I literally hate the sound of some people's voices and lastly, what in the fuck is up with Latina bitches gossiping like it's a hobby important as oxygen and calling me bandito? Here's an idea for anyone of any difference, if you're not gonna openly say how you feel about a person without the petty sneak dissing like we're all still in HS, SHUT THE FUCK UP! And before you think I'm a hypocrite, I say I hate people on a weekly if not monthly basis and not because of appearances or stuff like that but really because people think their stupidity is needed like food, shelter, clothing, etc. like if you're going to act like you should've been swallowed please jump or drive off your nearest bridge then face 1st into a shallow river with lots of rocks and boulders.
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2020.10.21 12:35 rinrin_0915 An issue that needs to be addressed

So we all know the toxic dynamics of WMAF and I myself have constantly called out such WMAF. (If you check out my previous posts and comments)
What needs to be addressed is the trend of putting AMWF on pedestrial and putting down WMAF hapas. (Of course, I'm aware this is mainly done by AM in the west.) But what needs to be known that every relationship whether it's interracial or not can be toxic and based on fetish.
I'm middle eastern passing and grew up in Malaysia. A lot of locals here still find it hard to believe that I am half east Asian. I was shocked to find out there were AM who purposely sought out foreign girls. (I always thought only AF do this shit)
I've know AM in AMWF who acted all high and mighty and thought they were superior than AM in AMBF or AMIF.
My classmate would downplay by calling malay and Indian girls ugly and dark. After graduation, he dated a WF. He made fun of a classmate who was dating an Indian. Yerrr, why you date ah pu neh neh? He made racist jokes to a classmate who liked a BF. Saying you sure you wanna date orh lang? How you gonna see her in the dark?
Ah pu neh neh is a racial slur for Indians. Orh lang is a vulggar term to describe blacks. These are both hokkien (Chinese dialact) words.
To my horror, I recently found out subreddits such as justbeasian and AsiansCuckingPinkies exist.
My experience:
  1. I was sitting in a bookstore (there's a cafe inside, many international students come here) using my pc when I noticed a Chinese guy kept on stealing glances at me. At first, I told myself not to jump to conclusions as he might have been looking at what's behind me. But alas, he got up and asked if I came here regularly. I replied and then he proceeded to ask where was I from. We talked a lot and he eventually asked where was I from. He couldn't believe I was a local and the moment I told him I was half Chinese, his facial expression changed. He looked really disappointed which kinda upsetted me. His response: Oh, I thought you were an international student. I was like bitch, so you only approach me cus I looked foreign? If any of you are gonna defend him by saying oh maybe he wanted foreign friends or someone to practice English. 1st of all, there was a black girl sitting opposite me. Secondly, he speaks fluent English albeit with a Malaysian slang. Third, he lives quite far yet chooses to come to this bookstore when there's one near his house. I ended our convo with the excuse that I had to be somewhere and never gave him my contact. He offered to walk me out but I refused.
  2. I was waiting for my ride outside the mall when a Chinese guy came up and started making small talk with me. So I engaged in a convo with him. He asked for my contact and social media before leaving. He messaged me and we started chatting. A few days later, he invited me out for dinner. I was skeptical at first but since my friend lived nearby I decided to go. He showed me photos of his solo trips to eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. I also learned he completed his degree in the US. I was surprised that he knew a lot about the local culture and we bonded over our interest in the history/geography of those regions. He asked me about my race and when I told him, he was like no wonder you look so exotic. (I was taken back, I did not expect that from a fellow Asian) He said he had a feeling I was biracial since I resembled the Uzbek girls he saw in Tashkent. He then went on about how Eurasian girls were hotter than AF. He also told me there were Russian girls at his workplace but they would stick to their own. I couldn't hear anymore so I excused myself to use the loo, immediately called my friend to come and fetch me. I then checked out his Instagram and saw he only followed white/Latina girls.
If you tell me WM are worse. I'm gonna flip because until now I have always avoided WM here. Stop giving bullshit excuses, I would prefer if you just admit you have a thing for white/Latina/Eurasian girls.
I'm tired of hypocrites only gaslighting WMAF. I know there are AM that don't even care about the plight of Hapas and only come here to encourage everyone to bash WMAF or sow discord between AMWF and WMAF hapas. Then proceed to share stories of unfortunate WMAF hapas in their discord groups. WM weebs are not OK but WF weebs/koreaboos are fine? Double standards much? Yes golden gang I'm talking about you.
Also stop making troll accounts and claiming to be wmaf hapas. It's really obvious.
You're no different from lu's who white worship. You complain about lu's dating out but at the same time state, you would never date an AF calling them ugly.
I met a retard who said Wmaf should be banned and AMWF should only be encouraged.
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2020.10.21 08:30 dilsenberg20 Vegas latina irtr

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2020.10.21 07:51 Mathdino Help naming half-Latina girl for my best friend

Hello! My American best friend is looking for help naming her first girl. The girl will be taking the father's last name Hernandez, but beyond that they're still deciding. Her list:
Madelena: Her favorite. Her cherished Italian grandmother, Maddalena, renamed herself Maddelena for anglicization. Nickname would probably be Ellie.
Emilia: Her grandmother's middle name. Could nickname Emmy.
Emerson: She's descended from Ralph Waldo Emerson's aunt, and her family (and I) thinks that's badass. Could also nickname Emmy.
Jacqueline: Her deceased godmother's name. Nickname Jackie.
They're also heavily considering Zelaya as a middle name, which is the father's mom's maiden name, making her current favorite Madelena Zelaya Hernandez.
My/her friends' only input was that Madelena variants might be tough for spelling/pronunciation purposes (which is why she settled on a single 'd').
What do you all think? Thanks so much!
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2020.10.21 07:44 Journeyman762 29 [M4F] #NYC - White Male looks to create a Large Mixed Family

Hi, I am 29 years old, white, 5'10", 155 lbs. I work as a retirement analyst for a labor union and I have a graduate school degree. I will be moving out to my own apartment next month.
I am now interested in starting the next part of my life, and that involves starting a family.
My preference is for interracial. My reason being is that I do like learning about other cultures and would love for my kids to have multiple different cultural backgrounds, and both my partner and I would contribute. Mixed kids are also more likely to get the best attributes of both families, in my opinion, so I would like to go down this route.
If you are in NYC or Jersey City and you are non-white (i.e. Asian, black, Latina, Indian, Arab, etc.) and you would be interested in having a large family in the future, please contact me.
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2020.10.21 06:53 babyjay2222 My OF is on sale 50% off 🥵🥵!!! cum by and play with your favorite big booty Latina princess🍑👸I promise you won’t be disappointed, I’ll have you begging for more 😏😘 link in comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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2020.10.21 06:53 apocolypse410 BBW Latina Graciebon

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2020.10.21 06:49 Angelsweetzz [20F] LATINA BADDIE💦 18+ FREE ONLY FANS!💦 😈

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2020.10.21 06:35 keniacecilia Getting married to a US citizen

Hello, I am an Undocumented Latina who will be getting married to my boyfriend of 6 years. I was wondering how long the process would take to receive a green card. Should I wait a couple of years to file? Our marriage is clearly legitimate but we want to avoid all complications since we have plans on having children and planning on life term goals. My mother married her second husband and just received her approval but she’s been married for almost two years. She has a perfect record. I made a stupid decision three years ago to drive after a few drinks and got a DUI. It still dwells on me every single day even though no one got hurt. I’ve been sober since then and am working towards a degree and to better my life in general. I just wanted to know if there’s hope to work here legally after my boyfriend and I get married. Thank you in advance to everyone.
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2020.10.21 06:30 Spiderdunk Latina Wants Black Guys Only!

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2020.10.21 06:30 Spiderdunk Latina Wants Black Guys Only!

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2020.10.21 05:40 slicerac 19 [m4f] #gwinnett - looking for something

About me: white, skinny but fit, decent package, 6ft, 155lbs, I’ve been told I’m cute, extremely lonely
About you: a female, not overly fat, preferably white, Asian or Latina
About what I want: cuddles, kissing, more cuddles, lots of kissing. Anything farther, sexually, is completely up to you, I’m down for pretty much anything. I can’t really host, so please either be able to host, or be down to do this in a car. ❤️
How to get in touch with me: dm/pm me on here, or on Snap @ mushy2020
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2020.10.21 05:24 juicyreddituser101 HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT! ❤️

Hello everyone! I am an 18 years old female and currently weigh 120 lbs. My normal weight before the pandemic was 115 lbs. Can anyone please give me some dieting tips? I haven't been able to go out and walk everyday so this really difficult for me to manage my weight. I eat a healthy latin american diet everyday (half latina) so food choices aren't an issue. Is there any tips? (I can't use weights because of my scoliosis, and abdomen and upper body exercises hurt me.)
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2020.10.21 05:23 SchoolOfRizock SEXIEST TRADING GROUP ON KIK. THE BABE BANK. ONLY HOT. ONLY VERIFIED wives/gfs. Coeds. MILFS. Blondes. Brunettes. Asians. Blacks. Latinas. Message RunDMT69 on Kik to verify and join the group. #TheBabeBank

SEXIEST TRADING GROUP ON KIK. THE BABE BANK. ONLY HOT. ONLY VERIFIED wives/gfs. Coeds. MILFS. Blondes. Brunettes. Asians. Blacks. Latinas. Message RunDMT69 on Kik to verify and join the group. #TheBabeBank submitted by SchoolOfRizock to NSFWKikGroups [link] [comments]

2020.10.21 05:18 LatinaPantySeller Tan latina feet ;) dont worry, new pedicure coming soon❤️❤️

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2020.10.21 05:15 TimelyGoal5 O desmanche da Petrobras começou antes de Temer - Patria Latina

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2020.10.21 05:04 anarchysquid Trying to make sense of my wife's grab bag of symptoms

My wife has a grab bag of health issues that we have never been able to figure out; there are enough different issues that I suspect most of them are caused by some underlying cause. The list is below, does anyone have any guesses? We will obviously run any potential diagnosis by a doctor, but it's good to know where to start. The most serious problems have asterisks. Many of these symptoms have been there for years. Thank you all for your help.
My wife is 31, 5'2, 200lbs, Mexican Latina, and we live in the United States.
Exhaustion* Migraines* Anemia* IBS-C* GERD* Sciatic pain* Cramps/heavy flow* Joint pain/tendonitis Asthma/coughing Gallbladder attacks Gas/bloating Bouts of nausea Eczema/rosacea Itching all over Subhorric Dermatitis Light sensitivity Episcleritis Wooshing noise in ear Dowager's hump (since birth) Anxiety Prone to overstimulation Cracked tongue
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2020.10.21 04:49 thatonebitxch 21 shy girl looking for friends

I need some friends I can talk to and vibe with! I’m pretty chill, a big stoner so that’d be a plus if you are. Who likes being sober? I love traveling, makeup, food, anything outdoors. I’m a plus sized latina learning self love, and body positivity while trying to help other girls love the fuck out of their body too! I’m pretty shy at first but let’s be friends! #BLM and no trump supporters please. Sorry(:
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2020.10.21 04:27 eyesonelise Hot Latina/Indian mix with a fat ass and the cutest feet 😋 Cock rates, sexting, GFE, and more! I love responding to all my fans and getting spoiled 😇❤️ Join while I’m free cause it won’t last long!

Hot Latina/Indian mix with a fat ass and the cutest feet 😋 Cock rates, sexting, GFE, and more! I love responding to all my fans and getting spoiled 😇❤️ Join while I’m free cause it won’t last long! submitted by eyesonelise to OnlyFans_NonNude [link] [comments]

2020.10.21 04:01 iTurnTheCougarsOut69 31 [M4F] Louisville, KY. Very handsome, tall, and hung light skinned mixed man looking for a cougar in the KY area for a steady FWB. I’m a stone cold freak. Serious women only please. I’m the only lover you’ll ever need.

I’m clean, very hung, and single. I live alone. I don’t have kids and I don’t want them either. I have plenty of pictures. I have all own things, two cats, no kids, & I’m single. I am a super freak so I’m looking for a woman to match my very high libido. LF long haired brunettes or women with long dark hair. Interested in Latina, white, or European women. Accents are a huge turn on. I don’t want kids & don’t date women with kids. Let’s talk about what we’re into sexually & we can go from there. Serious women only please. Winter is coming. 😈👻
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Una produzione Maestro Production Regia: bendo (Lorenzo Silvestri & Andrea Santaterra) Produttore Esecutivo: Antonio Giampaolo DOP: Leonardo Mirabilia Montag... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Subscribe to Malahit Digital™: ©️Label & Copyright: Malahit Digital™ Digital Distribution: Malahit Digital™ -----... Latina es una cadena de televisión peruana de señal abierta que transmite desde 1983. Busca más de nuestro contenido en HEY YALL!! Our Latina legend Larray dropped this track outta NOWHERE!! Which explains why this video is so poorly made and janky, sorry ;(( but next time let... Latina Media Ventures is the authoritative voice for the acculturated community of Hispanic women living in the US. For over 15 years and across multiple pla... LATINA performed by Al James Subscribe to the channel: Stream LATINA: Follow Al James: Twitter: https://tw... Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Latina · Larray Latina ℗ 2020 TenThousand Projects, LLC / Homemade Projects, LLC Released on: 2020-02-07 Pr... COMMENT 'latina' if u see this! i'm so excited to finally get in touch with my Mexican roots. my Mexican mama would be so proud. this video was so much fun! ... LARRAY - LATINA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) sorry camila STREAM LATINA: APPLE MUSIC: SPOTIFY: https://open.spo...