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If you have seen his photos on social networks or on dating sites, be sure that this is a fake account created by a dangerous Internet scammer with the goal of earning money! Joe Cross (born May 30, 1966) is an Australian entrepreneur, author, director and health advocate. Define cross-dating. cross-dating synonyms, cross-dating pronunciation, cross-dating translation, English dictionary definition of cross-dating. n archaeol a method of dating objects, remains, etc, by comparison and correlation with other sites and levels Collins English Dictionary – Complete and... Cross dating definition is - the correlation of distinctive traits between two or more sites or levels in different localities for purposes of chronology; specifically : the establishment of the date of an archaeological site or level by comparing its distinctive traits with those of another site or level of known date that is assumed to be of similar age. Cross-dating is a technique used to take advantage of consistencies in stratigraphy between parts of a site or different sites, and objects or strata with a known relative chronology. A specialized form of cross-dating, using animal and plant fossils, is known as biostratigraphy. Cross-dating of sites, comparing geologic strata at one site with another location and extrapolating the relative ages in that manner, is still an important dating strategy used today, primarily when sites are far too old for absolute dates to have much meaning. An example of dating a past event with crossdating: 4. Ring-Growth Anomalies: Ring counting is not adequate – crossdating is better: 5. Sensitivity-Complacency: Highly variable ring growth versus no variation: 6. Skeleton Plotting: Making marks on the skeleton plot: 7. Relative Scale: Standardizing the scale of ring growth with graph paper: 8 ... Other articles where Cross dating is discussed: archaeology: Dating: This technique is known as cross dating; it was first developed by Sir Flinders Petrie when he dated Palestinian and early Greek (Aegean) sites by reference to Egyptian ones. Much of the prehistoric chronology of Europe in the Neolithic, Bronze, and Early Iron ages is based on cross dating with… Free transgender personals dating site where transsexuals and their admirers can find true love, place and respond to ads, or just meet new friends. CROSSPATHS is a mobile dating app that helps like-minded Christians meet, relate or date. NOW AVAILABLE ON iOS & ANDROID. DOWNLOAD NOW; Connect on Faith. Meet online, connect on faith! Tell us about your level of faith and meet someone similar. Opportunities to Meet. Cross-dating definition: a method of dating objects, remains , etc, by comparison and correlation with other sites... Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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2020.09.29 09:18 Safe_Acanthaceae_108 My Chemical Romance: Chapter 2

It's weird to think that My Chemical Romance would be on stage, ruling the crowds, and blasting some good ol' Alt Rock classics. I wanna look at the timeline leading up to the reunion, and how it is relevant to this chapter of the band.
-My Chemical Romance shared a post on their Instagram stating
"In 2017, we got in a room together to see what would happen. A couple more jam sessions, and 39 days of rehearsals later, we're ready to show you what we've learned. See you soon."
This puts the idea of a reunion clear back in 2017. Unimportant little thing, this is when Ray, and Gerard made their collabs.
-Gerard's blog has some interesting little tidbits in his year-in review
One image shows a ghost, very closely ressembling the people from An Offering, except they have templar crosses. The art pre-dates My Chemical Romance.
Then he talks about 2018 being a year of black magic, and it had inspited him to write music about witches, one heavy song called I Am The Hag. He has been really involved with magick, and it has rubbed off on all of the band's new marketing with symbols like sigils, tarot card symbols, wands, castles, knights, rituals, etc.
All of this magick related stuff reminds me of their scrapped album, The Paper Kingdom, an album about parents, in a therapy session, who couldn't accept their kids' deaths, and made up a reality where they were instead fighting witches. The album was going to be more Electronic, being compared to Radiohead, and was going to be super dark because of the poor reception of Danger Days.
-Now with this said about Paper Kingdom, My Chemical Romance are posting castles for their rescheduled shows. Originally, the images used for their tour dates were put in their announcement videos. Obviously, this may not mean a thing.
So, what? Paper Kingdom incoming? Maybe, maybe not. There is one last thing to talk about. Merlin.
Before they played at Shrine, people found their image files had the names MRLN, and Merlin. Merlin is a time-traveling wizard of folklore, that is the most basic description for the character.
Add on top of all the magic stuff, their short film called A Summoning, happens to have a young boy, who travels through different timelines. Yet, he is never called Merlin. Why hide this? You may be thinking "how do you know this is not some coincidence?". Trust me, it's not. This would be like me, putting up a sign that says there is a treasure in then nextroom, and then once you go in there, and clearly find what is treasure, you then conclude that this isn't treasure, it's only a chest full of gold, and jewels. How much more obvious could it be? An Offering's characters have knives, known as athames. They perform The Lesser Ritual Of The Pentagram, pointed out in some Russian theory, that I wish I had the link to.
Vita Merlini/The Life Of Merlin details Merlin's fall into madness, and him becoming a wild man. Merlin is a prophet and the king of Dyfed, whom battles alongside Peredur, the king of Gwynedd, and Rhyderch, king of Cumbrians. Gwenddoleu is defeated but three brothers of Peredur are murdered. In a state of grief, Merlin goes mad, and retreats into the Caledonian Forest. Straw-pulling time, A Summoning has the Draculoids chasing the boy. Not too close to the original, all that really matters is this being Merlin, being chased away by some form of hostility. Merlin in The Life Of Merlin is a king, going back to the whole bit about the castles.
The Paper Kingdom may be coming in a new form, one about Merlin. I apologize if some of the post was incoherent, I'm underslept.
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2020.09.29 08:43 SAGADAGA474 So many dumb ways to die

Set fire to your hair Poke a stick at a grizzly bear Eat medicine that's out of date Use your private parts as Piranha bait
Dumb ways to die So many dumb ways to die Dumb ways to die-ie-ie So many dumb ways to die
Get your toast out with a fork Do your own electrical work Teach your self how to fly Eat a two-week-old unrefridgerated pie
Dumb ways to die So many dumb ways to die Dumb ways to die-ie-ie So many dumb ways to die
Invite a psycho killer inside Scratch a drug dealer's brand new ride Take your helmet off in outer space Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place
Dumb ways to die So many dumb ways to die Dumb ways to die-ie-ie So many dumb ways to die
Keep a rattle snake as a pet Sell both your kidneys on the internet Eat a tube of super glue I wonder, what's this red button do?
Dumb ways to die So many dumb ways to die Dumb ways to die-ie-ie So many dumb ways to die
Dress up like a moose during hunting season Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason Stand on the edge of a train station platform Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing Run across the tracks between the platforms They may not rhyme, but they're quite possibly
Dumbest ways to die The dumbest ways to die Dumbest ways to die-ie-ie So many dumb So many dumb ways to die.
For nostalgia
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2020.09.29 08:09 thrwawy_09876 How to know if he's interested?

I have a close friend that I am interested in, but I am already in a relationship (which is rocky). When we started hanging out this guy was just friendly, but he would occasionally ask me things that made me think he liked me as more than a friend. He asked if I would date someone his age (there's a gap), if I would ever date a friend, etc. However, he also said things that implied he wouldn't want to date me (like that he wouldn't want to date someone my age). I am in a relationship though, so he might be trying to avoid anything that would cross that line. He's very sweet, very supportive, and a great friend. When I need someone he's always there. How do I know if there is more to his feelings than friendship? Do you just ask? Wait until I break up with current bf and see what happens? I don't want to ask and ruin our friendship if that's all it is.
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2020.09.29 07:53 throwRAmam I (26 F) think my friend (29 M) is distancing himself from me because of his new relationship?

You ever meet someone and just click immediately? Like 'we're already on the road to becoming best friends' kind of clicking? That's what happened with me and this guy friend. But it feels like he's dropping me as quickly as we started connecting now that there's another girl in the picture.
I'm in a lot of generally "nerdy" spaces (cosplay, video games, tabletop, larp, etc.) and I have experienced a handful of guys over the years who have befriended me only in hopes of hooking up/dating. Due to the fact that I have had a long-term bf for 4 years now, they usually get pissy about that and leave/give up. It sucks and I hate losing people who I thought were friends. I met this guy a few months back and we hit it off really quickly! We had a great banter back and forth, we have the same humor, and we are into almost all the same media and fandoms. I was so excited because he's into some more niche media that I don't usually get to talk about with people and we would spend hours talking about it.
Early on, he made sure to tell me that he never wanted me to feel like he was crossing boundaries with me. He explained that he knew I had a boyfriend and that he never wanted me to feel like he was overstepping. He said that I was attractive and that he was a naturally complimentary person, but that was it - he just liked hyping up his friends - for example, I cosplay, so when I would share photos of my costumes from the stuff we were both into, he would say how great I looked, but we were on a mutual understanding that there was nothing more to it than that. I felt so relieved to not have to deal with another asshole looking for a nerdy girlfriend. We made plans to cosplay together in the future, including with some of our other mutual friends, which we were all so excited about, and he was trying to get me to play an MMO with him that he was super into, I was so happy to have a new nerdy friend to geek out with.
At the beginning of this month his replies got shorter, less frequent, and I noticed that I was the one starting every single conversation. I'd ask if he was alright (we both happen to have similar mental health issues, so I understand if he was being quiet online due to that) and he always just replied that he was "really, really busy" and I accepted that. Then he stopped interacting with me on any public social media (he was liking and replying to my stuff on Instagram and Twitter pretty consistently prior to this, just being a really supportive friend) and started leaving me on read in our messages. I reached out to him about downloading the MMO he was pushing for me to try out with him, where he wanted to level up a new character alongside me, only for him to go "Oh, you don't have to wait to get into the server I'm in, just play wherever it's open. I'm busy." The only time in the last two weeks that he contacted me was to see if I would be willing to be a mod in a mutual Discord server because, again, he was "really, really busy." I was fine being a mod, the community is dope, so I said "of course!" only to be left on read for the rest of the month.
Maybe a week ago he reached out to me and apologized for "not being a good friend" and that he's been really distracted because he was talking to a girl he really liked. I was super stoked for him! He's a genuinely good person and I was glad to hear he had found someone. He then said "yeah, it's like I got distracted and stopped talking to you because she was shiny and new, you know?" That... really hurt, and then the trust issues started to set in. He hasn't talked to me since then and I'm just really bummed out. I'm starting to question if maybe he was just another one of those guys who talked to me because I'm a "nerdy cosplay girl" and dipped out when he realized I wasn't gonna bite and moved on to another girl. I messaged him tonight because another friend and I are going to be in the town where he lives soon, but he once again left me on read. Is there any hope to get this friendship back on track? Is it worth it? If anyone has gone through something similar I'd love to hear your insight. I'm just really bummed out that I may have lost someone I thought was going to be a really good friend.
tl;dr - Guy friend stopped talking to me when he started talking to his new gf, I miss our friendship. Is it worth sticking it out in hopes of rekindling the friendship somehow when he's avoiding me?
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2020.09.29 07:13 FlyGrayer Long Distance with an ENFP

Hey ENFJs,
I (ENFP) have been dating my girlfriend (ENFJ) for a couple years now, but we're currently dealing with some long distance issues and I wanted to ask your advice. First, we live about an hour from each other across an international border. Covid has complicated this and it is difficult for her to cross to come see me since Covid, though certainly not impossible. In the past couple of months I've been able to cross with relative ease, but it was not like that when Covid first happened. This is not our current issue, just throwing it out there.
About a year ago I had to leave home for 2.5 months for training for work. When I got back, Covid happened, so seeing her was difficult. Then in July I had to leave for training again for 4 months. She drove with me for part of the trip out here to my training site and has since flown out to see me once. I also flew back to see her about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I have about 3, maybe 4 weeks left of training and then I can come home. This training is worth a lot of money and the government is paying for it and it will drastically improve my career and set us up for some really nice financial stability in the future.
The longer I'm gone, the more difficult the distance is for her. Her outlook on the relationship comes and goes in waves. Some days she is extremely negative about it, other days she is on the same team and is very understanding as to why I'm gone.
A day and a half ago she was admitted to the hospital because she had some routine blood work come back with issues. Of course I told her I would come home, but she told me not to multiple times. They partially fixed the issue and released her tonight. I sent her flowers (which the company told me were delivered but she said she didn't receive). Since she went into the hospital she turned extremely negative toward me and doesn't want to talk. Nothing has happened between us to cause fights, nothing has changed. But she is giving me the minimum amount of information about her health situation and not answering my phone calls. She's treating me very poorly as if I had committed some egregious act against her. I have not.
The hot and cold is not necessarily new with her, it comes and goes. Some days things are great, others not so much. She recently (8 or 9 days ago) started on Prozac and leading up to her hospital, she was sounding really positive and chipper toward the end of last week. I know it takes longer to get into your system and take effect, but it seemed like she was starting to feel a little better.
My question is....are you guys hot and cold like this a lot? What can I do to mitigate the distance over the next 3-4 weeks until I can come home? I send her flowers and chocolates all the time, but I think she is over it. She wants me there and it seems like she's punishing me right now for not being there. I'm getting really tired of being treated poorly when I have done nothing wrong. But I love her and I want to make it work and I know the distance is the only issue and that will resolve soon.
What can I do in the mean time to make things better?

Thanks for your help and thoughts.
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2020.09.29 06:57 stickupmybutt My (19M) girlfriend (19M) wants to have sex with a random stranger

Hey everyone, this is gonna be a very unconventional one. So my girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 years, and it’s been the best relationship I’ve had in my entire life. We are very open and honest with each other, more so than I believe most people are in relationships, and because of that (and plenty of other factors of course) I believe she is the one for me. Unfortunately, I’ve had two other serious relationships in the past that also had sex involved. She came into the relationship a virgin. This has always made me nervous, as I know that I personally would not want to be with only one person sexually my entire life. She also believes we’re meant to be together, so it’s not like this is unlikely, and I know we’re young but please don’t base judgement off of that alone. A week ago I decided to come clean about this fear. She said that she has the same fear, and genuinely wants to sleep with someone else, just to experience it. So we decided to take a break (also to work on ourselves, because we were becoming a little too codependent, mostly due to COVID because she’s at school and I’m stuck at home, we go to different colleges with different policies) and declared that we’d be single during this break as well. We message at least once a day still, we can’t seem to stop just yet (it’s only been a week), but she’s been making plans to sleep with a random person. She found him on tinder, and her plan is to go meet up with him tomorrow. Of course, this has caused a complete rollercoaster of emotions for me, because I want her to be happy and experience this so that she can be satisfied in our relationship when we get back to it, but at the same time the thought of her being with another man hurts my soul. We planned it all out, in order to make it so that this is most definitely just a one-and-done deal, and by the end of it she will delete him and there will be no opportunity for further contact. It seems like he’s been quite understanding of that, but I don’t know firsthand because I have only heard what she tells me. My issue comes with the thought of “this is going to be another man sleeping with my girlfriend, in a possibly quite intimate setting, and who knows what negative side effects could come from this.” We talked today about how there should be no intimacy whatsoever, and she is planning on thinking of me the whole time she does it, so I don’t believe there is anything to worry about in that regard (but you never know). She said she wants to make out with him, because otherwise she won’t be able to get wet and it’ll be painful for her, but that part kind of crosses the line for me because I personally consider making out a very intimate thing, but she doesn’t. She also said she was planning on thinking about me while she does that, as well. I have had multiple waves of “I can’t let this go down, this is gonna tear away at my soul, I won’t be able to look at her or kiss her or touch her the same way for a while, now she’ll have a thought of him whenever I do stuff that reminds her of what happened with him, etc.” (as one would during this whole situation), but also there are times (like right now) where I’m more mellow about it and reassured that this is just going to be for the experience, not for the intimacy or anything like that, and it’ll just be lost in the wind after it’s over. So my question is, do you think this is a good idea to allow happen? She said she’s willing to not do it if it means we’ll be okay, but also she doesn’t know if this urge will ever go away.
TL:DR My girlfriend and I have an agreement for her to go sleep with a random dude while we’re taking a break from each other, she promises there will be no intimacy and she just wants to experience it, but naturally I’m worried. Is this a good idea?
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2020.09.29 06:48 heythereions How should I move on from a mutual breakup?

Hello everyone! This is my very first post on Reddit so I will try my best to keep it short!
TL;DR how do you move on and heal from a breakup that was mutual and you still deeply care about that person?
Background: Me, 23 Female. Recent international student college grad (allowed to have 90 days of unemployment before I have to leave - I have a job right now but its a risky situation if I lose it)
Him, 26 Male. American National. In the military.
I met my ex-partner at the very start of quarantine and we started dating immediately after talking for a few weeks. I've spent a large chunk of my time with him the past few months as classes were online and I lost all of my internships! At the start of the relationship, we both knew that it wouldn't last long term because he was moving cross country (military) and I might have to leave the country if I don't land a job post-graduation. We decided to end things in September but as time passed, I guess we both fell way too deep into this relationship. It's also particularly hard because in that few months of being together we barely fought, agreed on every single topic (we also talked about kids, finances, location, parents - mainly because we were considering distance for a short period of time), lived together for about 3 weeks to a month, met each other's friends, and etc!
We decided to end things mainly because we were both very rational and knew that if we pushed it any further, it will end on bad terms. The risk with me not being an American (I have a job now) and him having to move every couple of years is something we both considered deeply before making the decision. We considered all possible scenarios but knew ending it is truly the best option.
We had our last weekend together and said our goodbyes. I guess I'm asking for help on how to deal with the pain. I have 0 hate or anger towards him and I am struggling to get over the fact that I will never see him or speak to him again. I know most people will say to pick up a hobby or spend time with close friends but that has been hard since everything I love to do is outdoors (everything is still closed or it's too smoky) and most of my friends moved away. I wish I could snap my fingers and forget about him but that is clearly not the case!
Thank you in advance for all the advice & helpful tips! :)
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2020.09.29 06:24 littlebrowntiger My meta doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her. Feeling hurt and embarrassed.

My partner and I date people together. I don’t always end up having a sexual relationship with the women we date, but I have a lot of fun meeting women and bonding with them/just hanging out and doing stuff. This has worked really well for my partner and I in the past, in fact it’s how I met my best friend, and I still regularly see almost all of these people. My partner and I both include pics of each otheour situation on our dating profiles.
Two months ago, my partner met M. We hung out a few times, and I was kinda weirded out. She’s super monogamous, sheltered, and inexperienced. Those things are fine, but they definitely add a layer of complication to a sometimes complicated relationship style.
M started exhibiting behavior towards me that was just straight up weird and unfriendly. Giving me dirty looks, not speaking when I was in the room, sometimes not responding when I spoke directly to her. If I walked into the kitchen for a snack and she was there, she would go silent or leave the room. She just didn’t ever seem to want me around. Eventually, I just stopped taking my partner up on his offers for me to join them, because it was too fucking weird and unpleasant, I’m dealing with a lot of shit right now including a family death and I just didn’t want to deal with it. Point taken.
I expressed some of my confusion and concerns to my partner, who didn’t really take it seriously. He blamed it on her extreme anxiety, shyness, and her learning about Poly/not knowing how to act in a poly setting.
Today we were going to go to lunch, and invited her along. I don’t like hanging out with her, but I’m always civil and nice to her anyway, and it makes my partner happy. She asked my partner if the two of them could go without me. He told her no, but they could get a beer later.
She then told my partner that every time I speak to her or hang out with her (I’m always invited!) I’m crossing boundaries. She didn’t know I was invited to hang out, she thought that since just the two of them were dating she and I shouldn’t interact at all. She thought I was just inserting myself into their dates and being a jealous weirdo. She doesn’t want to hang out with me, she just wants to date my partner. Even though she is at MY HOUSE, eating my food, smoking my weed, and having sex with my live in serious partner, I’m apparently crossing her boundaries.
I’m fucking pissed! I kept telling myself “she’ll warm up to you eventually, keep being nice! She’s just inexperienced!” And it turns out I should have listened to my gut feelings. I’m so pissed with my partner for not communicating with her properly, and for not listening to my concerns.
Most of all, I feel really humiliated. From her perspective, I’ve been acting like a weird jealous psycho who inserts herself into other peoples dates. I feel embarrassed that I’ve been trying so hard, it just have seemed so cringy and weird. I’m just kinda hurt. I know it’s not really her fault, but I can’t help but really dislike her now, and I don’t really want to ever interact with her again. Am I overreacting?
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2020.09.29 06:19 intheabsurd Fuck me

So the person taking my things sent me a late night message asking if I drove because Quebec is shutting down again.
So now I'm losing all my shit because of a pandemic I managed to avoid until a false arbitrary eviction by an awful woman who believes the virus does not exist.
I cannot afford to get my own place in PEI. I just cant at this point. I've been fucking drained of my money, which wasnt enough to afford a place anyways but now I need to get to Ontario to live for free to save money.
I'm going to try and keep my hopes up but everything is so fucking bad. They have legitimately made me homeless. On PURPOSE. Like fuck me man. Fingers crossed this works out still and shes able to travel but I feel like this might not happen now and I'm on a race against Ontario shutting down again and possibly not even being able to get back in before my ultimate eviction date - and I wanted to be out 12 days before that.
I just.. I fucking did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. Nothing. And they just completely fucking ruined every aspect of my life to a point itll take months or years to recover.
I keep thinking you know, it's just a bit more time and it's fine. I just have to survive two weeks and I can get out. Just two weeks. I've done 30 years.
But fuck me you know it's just stuck with me that I really think he cares more if he will get in trouble than if i actually died or suffered. Again, I want to feel like all this pacing was care for me but it was just this idea that he might get in trouble somehow like i would literally kill myself to frame him for a murder or something. Honestly I think hes that full of himself. I think he really thinks I would take my own life just to be vindictive against him. Not that I'm severely depressed and suffering. Not that extreme life circumstances put themselves on me. No, no, he matters sooo much that I would end my own life to "prove" that hes an abuser.
Even though its like 4 years of me saying fuck I should just die what am I doing I have nothing to live for and then you strip away everything I might have and my overwhelming feeling is not wow theres no point in living but i should teach him a lesson? Teach HIM a lesson by ENDING MYSELF?
I wanted to think the best but i cant. I just cant. He only cared about himself. That was it. He was watching out of anxiety of getting in trouble. He was watching to "see" if there was enough signs to call the cops for the welfare check so that he did not get in trouble, not to actually save my life. If he had wanted to save my life, he would have approached the trailer himself given the idea if I was hanging, maybe you could cut the rope before it was too late? But you will instead what, wait until you see a shadow waving across the floor, call the police and watch as I die from 100ft away?
You know, in case you "get in trouble" because it's much better to "not get in triuble" than save a life.
Although I attempted and failed, still, I know I will try again and I know this time i just need the inner strength to fully commit to it.
It's not a cry for attention, but realizing how much he doesnt care to the point he puts himself above me being alive still really helps make the decision. No one is going to talk to me, no one is going to help me and I'm just going to end up being arrested and removed from the only home I do have.
They dont even "want me dead". They have zero care if I die. I could be drowning bleeding out and they would just call someone else and tell them about the crazy thing they saw.
I'm nearly broke and selling my bike tomorrow. If this lady hasn't figured out her travel plans by Wednesday evening, I am going to re-post again but I also might just kill myself as well honestly. It's just as likely I will kill myself or at least try to again as it is trying to find another ride. I was even about to book a flight tonight but fuck me I'm once again not ready to go and already a week behind my original plan. Theres just nothing I can do. I keep trying to criticize myself and it's like what the fuck honestly was I supposed to do - just accept being homeless and live in a shelter because no one talked to me? What the fuck?
I dont need to be alive anymore, honestly. The world is going to shit anyways, it's not getting better from here.
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2020.09.29 06:11 BestGarbagePerson I didn't get my License until I was 24. Not because I didn't want parents actively sabotaged me. [warning long]

To preface this probably wouldn't have been a problem if I was living in a European city with good public transport, but I lived in the US in the suburbs with terrible public transit.
Also to preface: I was a classic "never can be good enough' scapegoat, in that I was not a delinquint at all (actually the opposite), but was constantly under fire (accused of things I didn't do, but if I objected I was called a liar, aka the classic no-win scenario) and never good enough for my parents (both have personality disorders co-morbid with other issues). I was verbally abused constanty, occationally physically abused (not every day), and always treated like whatever I did was wrong and needed to be shut down, even just being "too happy." I am the oldest in my family btw.
So, to the point:
My n-rents refused to teach me how to drive, multiple times, even though I knew I would need to learn in order to get away from them in the suburbs. And boy did I want to.
Basically as a result I had no proper teenage years at all, as all my peers became increasingly independent (I also was not allowed to go out to visit friends), nor proper college years (without a car in a tiny town? lol), and was very very disadvanged in my life for a long time.
Here are some key moments in the battle I had with my parents to teach me how to drive:
...1. On my 16th Birthday, my dad bought himself a brand new car, then showed it off to me, and let me know because it is a stick shift he will not ever teach me how to drive it. It took me years to figure out how fucked up this was, although it hurt ofc when I was a teen I was so abused I couldn't even register it.
...2. Because my parents would not let me learn how to drive in their other (automatic) car, I took a summer job when I was 16, so I could afford private lessons with a driving teacher who would let me drive his car. My parents initially agreed they would sign off on my learners permit if I did this with my own money. At the end of my very last lesson (many dollars spent on this, for a teenager it was all my hard earned minimum wage dollars, I never had an allowance), they refused to sign the permit and refused to take me to the driving test. I was crushed. This was one of the first of many "rug pulling" betrayals I had from my horrifically fucked up parents.
...3. My dad selected the college that I was supposed to go to (otherwise he would not financially support me.) The college was BYU, if you don't know it, this is the Mormon college with extremely strict rules even for non-Mormons who attend at they time they also would expell anyone who was gay, just for being gay (I'm bisexual). I am not Mormon and never was and neither were my parents. If you also don't know, the college is in the middle of a no-where town with even shittier public transit (Utah after all.) I begged my dad for my safety and mental health to teach me how to drive before I went. He refused. .....To continue with this incident 3, I never understood why he wanted me to go to this college. I didn't find out until I was 30 years old from a distant cousin, that he wanted me to go there because he was cheating on my mom with another woman living in Provo, Utah. So it would be a cover for him. ..........Long story short, I was told to move out of the dorms at BYU because policy there is no one above a freshman can live in dorms. I was also told (by my father , as I ran out of money for food and for my phone, I was paying everything except tuition out of my pocket, which my dad paid $2000 dollars for and the rest I earned via scholarship) that I had to get a job and pay my way on my own. Without a car, in Utah, in the dead of winter, while I also was a full time student, and full time cross country athlete, and not Mormon, this was basically impossible. I was basically forced to drop out because I was literally starving and couldn't pay my rent, and couldn't even get to a job interview at all. Ofc, my dad gave me endless shit for this.
....4. So after quitting this college (which I later learned not long after I started attending his mistress dumped him, which was probably why he started withdrawing support and yelling at me all the time, it was his way of being a narcissist and shifting blame.) I had to move back in with my dad. He promised me (I basically had to haggle and argue with him for everything) that if I signed up again to any college, and saved up my own money for a car myself, that he would put the first 6th months insurance on the car (so I could walk it off the lot) and teach me how to drive.
I got a job immediately upon moving in with my father, and was working at a used car dealership at the time, while I applied and got into, the very very good local community college (I intended to transfer after getting an Associates.) After 6 months of busting my ass, I got the car I wanted to get. My dad literally drived it off the lot with me, using his insurance to cover me. Interestingly he never praised me for my hard work, and in fact, was unhappy and critical of me the whole purchasing experience.
However, he took me off his insurance in 24 hours, and refused to cover for the first 6th months, and refused to teach me how to drive, because in his words "you aren't going back to BYU like we promised."
ETA: Thinking back on this, I honestly think he decided to fuck me up after seeing how happy the car made me as we came home with it. He decided to crush my dreams because he got off on it. He will never, ever, ever admit that this is what he did, he will lie to his grave that the original agreement was that I return to BYU, not just return to any college. Anyway, who would punish their daughter like this? For NOTHING?
My car at the time had to be parked on the street, so it was without insurance and in violation of the law. I was so scared! I did not have the money (nor did I even have a credit card) to buy 6 months insurance and what's the point? He refused to teach me how to drive anyway.
So while I freaked out on what to do, I had a boyfriend (later ex, he was actually pretty awful for me) that lived exactly 2 miles away who had a spot in their driveway I could park the car. So, in the dead of night, on back streets, I very slowly drove the car and parked it there (my boyfriend refused to drive it for me, he was very much like my dad in this way, and never lifted more than finger to help me with anything). OFC my dad found out somehow, and proceeded to threaten to turn me in to the cops etc etc etc, screaming 24 hour fight and basically told me to move out in 2 months (which I was planning anyway but he ruined my earning plans.)
I waited 3 days, crying every day, and was forced to sell back the dream car I had bought to the same dealership I worked for. (I had to get my dad to drive it back to the lot for me too..) I cannot explain to you all the humiliation that was for me. I still am upset about it, over 10 years later. I had to use that money on a deposit for a new place. I couldn't afford a car of my own until I was 28, but that's jumping ahead.
...5. In the meantime, my father and mother taught all my other siblings how to drive at age appropriate times and even taught one of them stick shift. Because I was the SC they were the GC. And although I have no proof, I think my mother or father either helped my siblings purchase their own cars or their insurances or both. They also co-signed my siblings student loans as well (never did so for me.) which got them much more money than I did.
As a result, one of my sisters had a car...However, while she was finishing college, she didn't need it where she was living and after she finished she was moving out of the country so she didn't really need it. So she "gave" it to me (she took it back, she was a chronic indian giver) when she was 21-22 (last year of college) and I was 24, and convinced my mom somehow to teach me how to drive with her car.
Now we are to the last incident.
....6. My mother promises to teach me how to drive, if I do an exchange with her of a combination of house cleaning and yard work. Ofc I have to pay my own insurance etc etc, which I was prepared to do.
I should explain this to you all too, when you ask "didn't you have any friends who could help you?" No. Due to the extreme abuse I suffered growing up (I was treated like a prisoner and a pariah in my own home) I had no friends from high school, and very shitty (underdeveloped) social skills. And what time did I have for friends? I was working 2 jobs and going to school right from when I was 18, as a woman. I had no time for fun, like the other girls in college. BYU ofc, was full of freakish LDS, and me as a bisexual non-mormon tomboy - that was right out. And then I joined a very abusive cult that my father introduced me to (long story) while finishing school which was very similarly "pull yourself up by your bootstraps". (Think like SeaOrg in Scientology, except less like a prison.)
So, my mom promises to teach me, but keeps pushing the dates, "forgetting" and arguing with me that she doesn't have time to do it. My living situation is getting really bad, and I am this close to being homeless.
So how did I finally get my license? I had this feeling I was about to be homeless in my sisters car, so I drove illegally in the dead of night like a snail, around and around the neighborhood with the DMV (where they will do the test) memorizing every single intersection, parking lot, sign and speed limit. I even memorized the map. Ofc, I was terrified I'd be caught. My SC instincts were so over-wrought that I even beat myself up for doing this for years after.
In the end, I never even told my mom that I was doing the test. I drove myself there, parked there, pretended to the DMV tester that my mom just took off to the nearby starbucks, and finished the exam. At 24.
However, did I mention my sister was an indian giver? Even though I said I'd pay her for the car (and she declined) and she was sure if she decided to come back to the US she wouldn't want it or need it, she ended up wanting the car back when she returned from abroad.
When she wanted the car back, I was already NC with my parents and my other siblings. So, when she took it back, from the ages of 25 to 28, again I did not have a car (but I had a license.)
Because I was in the cult, I was making pennies and all the money was being taken by the cult. I was only able to afford (when I got out of the cult) an extremely shit car.
And then a shit car (that was shit but it wasn't extremely shit) that I have driven for the past 5 years.
I'm 35 and I have finally purchased a car that is not over 10 years old, not salvage or leaking from every hole. My credit it still fucked up from the things that my parents did to me (financial situations they put me in, promises made but then not kept, refusing to treat medical issues as a child, etc.) but yeah, I got a car now that doesn't make me feel humiliated every time I get in it.
Edit: Grammar, spelling, formatting. Sorry....
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2020.09.29 05:53 blogging7890 How can I flag as being into Asian men?

How can I flag as liking Asian men?
I KNOW there isn’t a one-size fits all, and yes, this question is inherently racist 🙄🙄 I KNOW all Asian men aren’t the same, and “what makes me think there’s some secret sign, omg you must think they’re involved in weird stuff, is it because they’re Asian??” Dude. I know this question doesn’t have a good chance of HAVING an answer. That’s why I’m ASKING, that’s the point. People flag as kinky by wearing collars, and there are ‘tells’ for all sorts of things. “Oh but when it comes to race you’ve crossed a line” Dude. Do you know how hard it is out here for a white chick who digs Asian men? Firstly, no Asian guys think I’m attracted to them for it. Secondly, there’s no way to mention it or being it up without sounding fetishy, which is not my intent. How can I not be weird or creepy about it, but show subtle signs when I go places, that yes, I will date you, marry you, fuck you, and think of you as more than just a token Asian that I tried? Even better if there’s a tell I can use in a room if white/black/Hispanic/etc folks too, that if they have a single Asian buddy they might know the tell? I know I’m gonna get downvoted but Asians are very RARE to come around, so excuuuse me and sue me for wanting to do the best for myself by stretching my already weak options for connections as much as possible, about something most people take for granted because they’re either not a minority, not one of the smallest minorities, or have a preference for such
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2020.09.29 05:39 redeamed [PI] Scarlett

original prompt:
Across from me sits this smoking hot babe. She defined that hourglass form, shown clearly in that skin tight red dress only complementing her flowing red hair. She leans back in her seat, legs crossed beneath the table, feet pivoting on matching red high heels. She flicks her hair back with one hand and stares into my eyes reading me like a book.. Beautiful. She knows it. I know. She knows I know it. And she is quite possibly here to kill me.
My emotions have never been so confused before in my life. in steps the waiter, a well dressed man accustomed to his routine. "we'll have the red wine," Scarlett orders before he can ask and without ever looking away from me. "nothing like a fine wine to loosen up after a long day."
"it has been quite a day." stumbling through the words. Great, real smooth dip-shit. I spared a second glance to my phone. I reread the earlier message, Michael: "she's not going to be able to make it, sorry" Michael has messaged me this just after Scarlett had sat down and introduced herself. Michael: "She was in a really bad car accident, she's in the hospital now." Michaels latest message read.
Me: "Then who is sitting across from me?" I typed back quickly. "is something wrong?" She sits forward, elbow on the table and resting her chin in her hand fluttering her eyelashes in my direction.
"No nothing’s wrong. " I fumbled the phone back into my pocket.
Catching my gaze she lets me know it, " my eyes are up here." The tone is playful, but still shame washes over me. "So how do you know Michael?" Taking her glass of wine from the waiter she sits back with a delightful little chuckle. " Oh me and Michael go way back." she sips at her wine as she recounts. “There was a time you'd have thought we could have ruled the world together. In a sense, he's the one that got away."
The phone in my pocket buzzed, a response from Michael. I'd need to see what he had to say about her. But I couldn’t just take my phone out again. "So you two were a thing?" She replied with a long knowing smile. “ oh, that’s all ancient history, nothing you need to worry your precious little head about. All that matters is that I know how very special you are to him” The phone in my pocket buzzes again. Then a third time. “It seems odd that he never mentioned you.” “We did have a rough bit of a falling out, and I’ve been,” a brief pause as she swirled her wine. “Tied up in my own little world for what feels like forever.” “Seems he’d have been a fool to let you get away,” Again the phone buzzes in my pocket.. “Oh why thank you, you are so sweet.” she downs the last of her drink and I feel her foot slide up the side of my leg. BUZZ…. “I’m going to freshen up.” Scarlett straightens her shoes. “Don't go anywhere,” a wink and she walks off like she owns the place. Hate to see you go but.. Again the phone buzzes and I finally pull it from my pocket. Michael: what do you mean? Michael: Who is with you? Michael: Is it Scarlett? Michael: ??? Michael: Are you ok? So he does know her? What could she have don't to have Michael in such a panic? Me: Yeah, it’s Scarlett, what’s the deal? Michael: you have to get out of there right now. Getting up to leave I find myself pressed down into the seat by the shoulder, and a hand slides from shoulder to my chest. While on the other side Scarlett brought her lips near to my ear. “He can some time get so dramatic when he’s jealous. You could leave, or we could go back to my place and give him something to really be jealous of.” The next morning
The body of an as yet unidentified male has turned up in a Hotel room in the south of the city. Police are saying they have never seen anything like it. The body was completely drained of blood and preliminary tests indicate that the remains could be thousands of years old, while the dental records appear to indicate an adult male no older than 30. No sign of a struggle, the only found at the scene was on the walls spelling out the words “I’m Back.”
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2020.09.29 05:10 PinkLemonsPink Weird things you couldn’t/can’t wait to do.

So my insurance required 12 weigh ins (1 per week). I had to either lose weight or stay the same weigh. I had my last weigh in today so now just find wait for my insurance to approve it and get a date.
I keep getting asked what’s my goal. Honestly I don’t have one I just want to be healthy. Some of the weird things that I will find joy in crossing my legs, sitting in lawn chairs, riding roller coasters again, that’s just to name a few. Do you have thing that you can’t or couldn’t wait to do?
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2020.09.29 04:51 lookingforadvice1996 I'm 24... What are we humans supposed to do for 80+ years?

So like the title says I'm 24M (and a half) lol. But in all seriousness I feel like I'm facing a sort of life crisis.
I had a rocky start to adulthood. I dropped out of high school a month before graduating, then my bestfriend died just a few days before graduation and I spent that entire summer getting drunk and high every waking moment.
Eventually at some point between 19-21 I became obsessed with being "successful" and decided I would do it through marketing. I wanted to become a digital nomad. Travel the world and work from a laptop. I spent every hour (to an obsessive level) studying marketing, thinking about marketing, and critiquing everything I saw around me in the world.
My friends liked to party just as much as me and didn't share the same new found passion. Eventually I stopped hanging out with everyone I grew up with in pursuit of this new goal and they stopped visiting from college.
I've moved to different states, worked in tons of jobs from cashier, waiter, IT Technician, Painter, and so on.
Long story kinda short I finally landed a marketing position, and then another.
The position I'm in I've been at for almost two years. The longest I've ever stayed in one position.
The job is remote, and I work about 5-10 hours a week (Yeah, 40 hours a month max). I'm on salary and make a decent amount of money especially for a dropout.
Will I become rich from it? No.
But I drive the car I want, don't really feel any desire to upgrade my living standards, and can save about $1,200-$1,800/month if I stay focused on my budget, more once I pay off my car.
Lately I've realized I don't really know what to do with all my free time. I have a few hobbies but I always seem to have spare time (which I currently fill with MASSIVE bong rips if I'm being honest)
I feel strange because I was a popular kid growing up but now I have no close friends or anyone I really hang out with. My old high school buddies are either still in school at grad programs or have gone off to the corporate world and work full-time.
I guess I'm a little lonely and have promised myself to work on this area of my life but I'm not entirely sure that's what giving me this empty "missing something" feeling. I also SUCK at making new friends, I haven't got a clue even where to begin and since all I've thought about is "business" and "marketing" for years I always end up steering conversations towards this topic which is boring for most people and not even really what I want to talk about either it's just the only conversations I know how to navigate.
My family encourages me to find a girlfriend pretty much weekly and I also think this might be good but my last girlfriend was from high school we dated for most of high school and a couple years after. I haven't even felt interested in another relationship since. Seems wrong to force myself into one for the sake of "trying" to feel different but maybe I'm wrong on this?
I think I had a much more grand vision of life as a kid and now at 24 I'm relatively free of work and have accomplished the bulk of everything I had dreamed minus living abroad which is still doable.
I also lost the need to own a Lamborghini, fly private jets, and live on an island. Maybe if I still had friends this stuff would be cool but if you don't have anyone to measure up against all that stuff is worthless.
I guess if I'd known I would have gotten to this point so quickly I probably would have went to college and had fun with the rest of the people my age. Even now at 24 just a couple years past the "normal" college age I feel like I gave up all those fun nights I could've had for nothing.
It's scary to think I need to fill potentially 60 something more years of life with activities and stuff to-do. How do I become less scared about this?
Going back to school has crossed my mind but I'm not sure I want to take on the financial burden for the promise of what?
A new job in the future that takes 40-60 hours a week for more pay... Is this supposed to be what I continue to strive for?
If so, I feel even less hopeful than when I began writing this haha.
Hoping one of you strangers has some wisdom to pass on.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.09.29 04:45 Dyslexicdruidofsanta Struggling with rejection and bitterness

This might be a cross post so forgive me for that because I guess Im looking for anyone who can give me advice. Im struggling with respecting a no and being bitter and resentful
I genuinely feel I do love my LO. But i also have struggled to respect her no before. Ive always respected her as a person and i know its her right to say no. But i got around blocks, made false accounts etc. I know i shouldnt have. But i always thought if she heard what i had to say, how i feel etc it would change her mind. I know its silly but it was almost like a puzzle where if i could combine the right words it would click.
Realistically i know why she doesnt want me. Not only the distance issue, but shes very fit and was a fitness competitor. Shes very driven and has right wing beliefs and values strength and stability. I get it. She dates very successful athletic men. Im depressed, nothing of value money wise to support a family and am fat. Depression really wrecked my body as much as my mind as food is a comfort. I will never be rich or have a good career at 37. Im left wing too. So i get it.
But it still hurts. She doesnt see me as a mate or potential. Because i know one rich douche she dated cheated on her and dumped her by text to go back to his ex he never got over.
I know ill never find someone as good as her. I aimed high and found an amazing woman who was top tier in every sense. However i myself am not top tier so i understand her not wanting me. It makes sense.
So why did i and do i struggle to accept no? I am trying to fix my life but even then im thinking about coming back to her once i do just to see if it changes her mind. I seem to need that or i give up. People say do it for myself but whats the point of getting fit and living longer to just spend more life alone? And i am bitter. I am generally not a fan of fit muscular guys anyway so the fact she likes them makes it worse.
I dont know what to do. I am respecting her wish to leave her be. But im struggling. And every single day before bed i pray to any god that might listen (tho i dont think there is one, not one who cares anyway) that i might die in my sleep. A small part of me has hope life will be better so i dont think i will successfully kill myself...but a part of me just wants to be dead and gone and finished and at peace. I just want peace because i know now love is out of reach for me and being as lonely as i am...i dont wanna live that way for another four decades or so.
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2020.09.29 04:45 Dyslexicdruidofsanta Struggling with accepting rejection and bitterness

This might be a cross post so forgive me for that because I guess Im looking for anyone who can give me advice. Im struggling with respecting a no and being bitter and resentful
I genuinely feel I do love my LO. But i also have struggled to respect her no before. Ive always respected her as a person and i know its her right to say no. But i got around blocks, made false accounts etc. I know i shouldnt have. But i always thought if she heard what i had to say, how i feel etc it would change her mind. I know its silly but it was almost like a puzzle where if i could combine the right words it would click.
Realistically i know why she doesnt want me. Not only the distance issue, but shes very fit and was a fitness competitor. Shes very driven and has right wing beliefs and values strength and stability. I get it. She dates very successful athletic men. Im depressed, nothing of value money wise to support a family and am fat. Depression really wrecked my body as much as my mind as food is a comfort. I will never be rich or have a good career at 37. Im left wing too. So i get it.
But it still hurts. She doesnt see me as a mate or potential. Because i know one rich douche she dated cheated on her and dumped her by text to go back to his ex he never got over.
I know ill never find someone as good as her. I aimed high and found an amazing woman who was top tier in every sense. However i myself am not top tier so i understand her not wanting me. It makes sense.
So why did i and do i struggle to accept no? I am trying to fix my life but even then im thinking about coming back to her once i do just to see if it changes her mind. I seem to need that or i give up. People say do it for myself but whats the point of getting fit and living longer to just spend more life alone? And i am bitter. I am generally not a fan of fit muscular guys anyway so the fact she likes them makes it worse.
I dont know what to do. I am respecting her wish to leave her be. But im struggling. And every single day before bed i pray to any god that might listen (tho i dont think there is one, not one who cares anyway) that i might die in my sleep. A small part of me has hope life will be better so i dont think i will successfully kill myself...but a part of me just wants to be dead and gone and finished and at peace. I just want peace because i know now love is out of reach for me and being as lonely as i am...i dont wanna live that way for another four decades or so.
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2020.09.29 04:44 Dyslexicdruidofsanta Struggling between respecting a no and wanting LO to be happy

This might be a cross post so forgive me for that because I guess Im looking for anyone who can give me advice. Im struggling with respecting a no and being bitter and resentful
I genuinely feel I do love my LO. But i also have struggled to respect her no before. Ive always respected her as a person and i know its her right to say no. But i got around blocks, made false accounts etc. I know i shouldnt have. But i always thought if she heard what i had to say, how i feel etc it would change her mind. I know its silly but it was almost like a puzzle where if i could combine the right words it would click.
Realistically i know why she doesnt want me. Not only the distance issue, but shes very fit and was a fitness competitor. Shes very driven and has right wing beliefs and values strength and stability. I get it. She dates very successful athletic men. Im depressed, nothing of value money wise to support a family and am fat. Depression really wrecked my body as much as my mind as food is a comfort. I will never be rich or have a good career at 37. Im left wing too. So i get it.
But it still hurts. She doesnt see me as a mate or potential. Because i know one rich douche she dated cheated on her and dumped her by text to go back to his ex he never got over.
I know ill never find someone as good as her. I aimed high and found an amazing woman who was top tier in every sense. However i myself am not top tier so i understand her not wanting me. It makes sense.
So why did i and do i struggle to accept no? I am trying to fix my life but even then im thinking about coming back to her once i do just to see if it changes her mind. I seem to need that or i give up. People say do it for myself but whats the point of getting fit and living longer to just spend more life alone? And i am bitter. I am generally not a fan of fit muscular guys anyway so the fact she likes them makes it worse.
I dont know what to do. I am respecting her wish to leave her be. But im struggling. And every single day before bed i pray to any god that might listen (tho i dont think there is one, not one who cares anyway) that i might die in my sleep. A small part of me has hope life will be better so i dont think i will successfully kill myself...but a part of me just wants to be dead and gone and finished and at peace. I just want peace because i know now love is out of reach for me and being as lonely as i am...i dont wanna live that way for another four decades or so.
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2020.09.29 04:19 lucasKujo A More updated version of my book

Kody Snarp woke up with jump as his mother was thumping on the door, the scare made him fall off his bed with a loud thud. “I’m Up I’m Up” Kody growled, He pulled on brown pants, A white button up and a brown blazer. He pulled on black socks and matt black shoes, He stood up and grabbed his Pack of the ground. He stretched and yawned, He didn’t particularly like the school outfit, but it looked good with his blond hair and muscular build. He stepped into the hallway a grabbed a piece of toast and 15 pounds off the counter, he shoved the toast in his mouth and the 15 pounds into his pocket before leaving. He walked 2K’s to his school and sat with his friends. He was generally an all rounder and his IQ was 185 and he was only 11. School went fast and the only thing he really enjoyed was art, His friends asked if he wanted to go to the shopping centre with them. He texted his mom if he could go but got no response. He assumed it would be all right and went along. His 9-year-old brother tagged along, and Kody didn’t like the idea of this but his mates all ways had a laugh. He spent the 15 pounds he’d takes from his mum on a hamburger at MacDonald’s, it was getting late, so he walked his brother home to their house. Kody’s family was wealthy but Kody had to work for his own money and he didn’t have a job, but he usually could just take a few pounds from his mothers bag while she wasn’t looking. Then his mobile rang, he looked down and saw his dad’s number. This put a lump in his throat. He could still remember when he left when Kody was 4, they called once a year, if even. He answered the phone “Yo” Kody said slyly “Look Kody I don’t have much time, don’t go home. I cant contact you again. I think there coming for me. I love yo-“ as he said these last words there was a thud noise and then the phone said “the number has been disconnected or dose not exist” Kody flipped his phone shut angrily, how could he play such a dirty trick, His father left a bad taste in his mouth. He could see the house now and saw the door open. Must be expecting us He thought. He opened the door more and saw a horrific sight, His mother was slumped over the kitchen table with stab wounds to her chest. He called out for his sister lily and was scared when there was no response. He searched the whole house and couldn’t find her. Shit, Shit shit shit.
Kody Snarp woke up with a jump. He had been staying at Nebraska House after his mother murdered, luckily, he was out with friends when it happened. He Flipped the covers off and realized this was not Nebraska House, the reason he did not go live with his father was because he'd run off when Kody was 2 years of age. He stood up and came to the realization that he was in the nude, fortunately there were some clothes on the end of his bed. He got dressed and stood in front of the big mirror in the room, he was stocky for a 11-year-old and had blond hair with green eyes. He wore an orange shirt with a baby and a globe, with camouflage pants and boots. After an inspection of the room he went to exit the room but there was a nocking at the door, "are you decent" the voice asked before Kody Could give the voice a reply, he opened the door. He saw James Adams (or as he knew him James choke) walked in, James was wearing the same outfit but with a navy coloured shirt. Kody didn’t know this, but James was on a recruitment mission, James Liked Kody and if he wasn’t a Cherub, they’d be friends. "I need to take you to see mac" James Grinned. The grin made Kody a bit more relaxed "James you’re a mate and all, but what is this. Jokes over you got me" Kody Said managing a small smile "Look Kody I’m going to get in trouble if you don’t come with me" James tone changed as he said this. "Oh..Ok but you've got to promise I’ll be safe" Kody said Kody followed James down the hall to an elevator. Then followed him an office, there was a man standing there. He held his hand out for Kody to shake, Kody sat down in a chair and the man sat on the other side of a desk. "James, can you wait by the door please" James walked out and closed the door behind him. "I'm Dr Terrance McAfferty, but everyone calls me mac, where you are is a secret facility called Cherub, were we train kids to be spies and to be blunt we'd like you to join"Kody's mouth practically hit the floor. "p..Pardon?" "usually we make students to go through some tests to join but because of your high IQ and build we'll train you for basic training, it’s a matter of if you want to join or not" It took a minute for Kody to process the offer, he didn’t have a reason to not trust mac, but he didn’t have a reason to believe him. "I believe you have a younger brother; he'll get the same offer of course" Kody went red, he had not even thought of his brother since he got here. "why? “Kody asked mac looked a bit baffled by this remark "why what?" "Why should we join this..this thing" Kody said, he had more anger in his voice then he should of. "we'll you and your brother will get the best schooling you can, you'll be fit. If you don’t you'll be sent back to Nebraska House and will be adopted""Can I think about it?" "of course, I’ll get James to take you to the cafeteria for some breakfast. Also, Only James has the authority to talk to you, so don’t try talking to other CHERUBS" as mac said this last part his tone became firmer "James, can you take Kody here to the cafeteria for some breakfast then show him around campus” Mac Yelled this so James could here "Mac, what about my lessons" James asked as he walked in "when Kody has made his mind up bring him here, then go back to lessons" Kody and James left macs office in unison. Once they had reached the cafeteria Kody grabbed a tray and filled it with eggs, bacon a slice of toast and a hash brown. They sat a one of the tables, Kody looked at James "you want some mate?" Kody offered "no thanks, already ate" "is its true James? do they train kids as spies" A grin cracked across James face, "this place is the best Kody, you’re a mate and to be honest this is the best place you can ever be" Kody scoffed his breakfast and then James showed him around campus, after they went to James room and played on his PlayStation then James asked a question out of the blue "what soccer team do you go for" Kody reply was almost instant "Arsenal, what am i scum? Arsenal is the only good team" James Cracked up laughing, they played FIFA for 30 minutes before Kody stood up and stretched. "I think I’ve made my decision “Kody said. James led Kody back down to macs office. "Ahhhh, made a choice, have we? James could you excuse us "Mac grinned "so, Kody my boy what will it be" "I think I’d like to join Cherub “Kody smiled "good, the next basic training is in 2 months, so we need to train you by then"
Kody was being escorted to the basic training compound, it was a big building, like a Gym with wire fence around it. He stood by a bed he was allocated to. next to him was a girl called Kati, she had short hair and stood in the same position as Kody at the end of her bed. a big man called Mr Large stood in the centre of the room, he paired everyone and told them that they would be training partners for the rest of training. Kody was pared with Kati, the first day was brutal. they carried 5kg weights in a bag around an obstacle course while the instructors hurled abuse at them. Kody had never been more tiered in his life, He wanted to slide onto the bed and fall asleep but mr Large made them have dinner and a freezing shower. Now he was Cold and freezing, he was woken up in the middle of the night by Mr Large shaking him violently. it was a scare and he had to hold back a scream, He realized he was outside but still in the basic training compound. he was there with Kati and some other kids. "LINE UP" Mr larges voice echoed, the kids stumbled in the dark and lined up. Then they were knocked down by a powerful blast of Freezing water. "now that your awake, I'm gonna make you run. until you puke" As he said this, he threw the weighted bags at them. They were heavier than usual"run the course until sun rise, then take a five-minute break then continue running, Sunbreak is in 2 hours. If I catch you not running so help me god" the kids started running while the training instructors went inside "this is so jammy" Kati whispered "true, anyway we can still have some fun" He said "Race ya till dawn" As Kati said this, she broke out into a sprint around the obstacle course, Kody went full sprint just to catch up with her but found that this was not going to work. He was within 5 feet of her but ran out of breath, he started to slow down to a jog while she ran out of sight. while he was jogging, he tripped over his own feat and went face first into a muddy pit, he was getting up when Mr Large Held out a helping hand. As Kody took the hand, Mr Large Yanked him up and tripped him over back into the mud, Kody's mouth was open from fear and was filled with mud. "ARE YOU SLACKING GARTNER" Mr Large barked, Kody knew better then to give back chat to mr large. He wiped the mud from his eye's and saw the sun raising from the main building in the distance. " EVERYONE INSIDE" Mr Large snapped, as Kody was walking inside Mr Large yanked him by the collar back, "keep running" Mr large said with a sinister snarl, Kody was Muddy and tiered, he felt like his legs would collapse from underneath him, but he knew it would be bad if he showed Mr Large weakness. Slowly he walked towards the obstacle course, after he wiped the sweat from his eyes, he set of at a pace in between walking and jogging. He slowed down to a walk to catch his breath. Mr Large made him run for 30 minutes before letting him shower and have breakfast. Kody was marched outside alongside his peers, rain was showering down and made everything slippery. After an hour of combat training Kody was bruised and battered, blood ran down his nose where a fist came too close. Kody slid onto his bunk, he was violently shivering from the cold but the fatigue on his body overcame the coldness and he drifted into sleep. Kody on got an hour of sleep before he was woke up, he saw a group of kids being marched outside by Mr large. Shortly after he herd the powerful blast from the hose hit the wall, "you awake" Kati whispered "ye, Mr large is a horrid bloke" Kody replied "he's a snake” "shhhhh, an instructor will hear you" "there all outside" she said at her normal voice level "I’m not willing to run that risk" As Kody said this, he realized it came off as rude "I’m sorry, that came off as rude, I’m just really tiered" Kati did not reply so Kody rolled over and went back to sleep. After that the rest of basic training was a blur of pain, shouting and exhaustion.
Kody found himself at the second to last checkpoint, 3 days earlier he was dropped on a Desert island with his training partner Kati. he looked at the map to the last checkpoint, it was all in Japanese which was the language he had been learning "it looks like we need to cross these sand dunes, if we set off at first light, we can reach there as the sky darkens" Kody said, his partner nodded. Kody took his bag off his shoulders. it made a thud on the wooden floor; He lied down and rested his head up against the pack. "what are you doing, it’s still light out" Kati said, with some acidity to her words "we need to pack some things like water and other stuff before we leave tomorrow" Kody replied. He rolled onto his stomach and set an alarm for 3 in the morning on his watch, he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. He woke up with a jump, he was sweating bad and Kati was tapping him to wake him. Kody Stripped his shirt off and stood up "gotta take a piss really quick" he said "NO, I can hear dogs out there" "Dogs? on a desert island" "I know what I heard" "I’ll check it out" he said, as he stood up, he felt for the hunting Knife in its sheath, before stepping outside. even though it was night-time outside it was warm "HELLO" he yelled out into the darkness, but there was no reply, he unzipped his pants to start peeing when he saw eye's glowing. There was a low growl, Kody Zipped his pants up and drew his knife. "Kati" He yelled desperately "ye" "Your right, there’s some sort of mut out here" as he said this the dog pounced at him, Kody instinctively ducked down to dodge and raised the knife. It hit the wolf in the stomach, Kody stood up and cut its windpipe. Kody didn’t feel much remorse, basically none for the animal, so he walked a few more steps before taking a piss. he walked back inside and ran his hand from his forehead and through his hair, his hand was slick and as he looked down there was blood on them. After washing he lied down, he was tiered and looked at his watch, it was 2:30am "i think we should get ready and leave soon" Kody said, much to his surprise Kati was already packing. he picked his backpack up and they set off at 3am, while walking Kody tripped down a sand dune and twisted his ankle. They reached the last check point just before sundown, the other Cherub's were there already waiting. there were tall trees and at the bottom of each trunk was climbing equipment. "All right Maggots, Each of you scum are to climb one tree, at the top of each tree are you're grey shirts, get them and welcome to Cherub" Kody limped up to the bottom of the tree, he didn’t know if he could do this, he was tiered and his ankle was still in pain. he muscled through and started to climb. He was halfway up the tree when he realized his peers were already descending. After reaching the top he used the trunk like a fire hose and slid down, he landed on his twisted ankle. He muffled a groan, but training instructor Mr Peaks heard it. he bent down to look at the foot and recoiled. This made Kody scared as he looked down, he saw that he landed on his foot bad, really bad, it was bending sideways and was a clear break. Mr peaks signalled for the emergency helicopter. Kody hobbled towards the helicopter and was flown to an RAF base. he clenched the t-shirt to his chest knowing he had done it; he had passed basic training.
2 problems
Kody felt groggy as he sat up in his bed, there was a knocking at the door, so Kody slid on his pants and Grey CHERUB shirt. After another Knock Kody opened the door and was surprised to see James Adams Dressed sharply in a navy Cherub t-shirt, army pants and boots. “congrats on passing basic’s mate” Holding his hand for Kody to shake “too easy” He said grinning “body hurts in eight different places though” “nice, I want you to meet some of the lads ye? Were gonna go bowling after tea, you can bring your girlfriend Kati”, Kody hadn’t thought of her like that and went red at the though. “ye, I’ll see you there, but don’t go round callin her my girlfriend, she’ll kick my arses” James Cracked up at this and left back down the hall. Kody stomach growled at him, he hadn’t realized how hungry he had been; he looked at his watch and saw it was 11am. He didn’t feel like walking down to the cafeteria, so he opened his mini fridge, inside was a banana, some microwave meals and two apples. He went to bend down to pick up the banana, but his muscles were tense and ached. He reached for an apple and bit into it, the cold hard skin made a crunch and the sweet juice trickled down his chin. He didn’t have lessons today because he got back from recovering his injury during basic training, he flicked on his tv but there was nothing good on. After finishing his apple, he threw the core into his trash can. He fell back onto his bed and stared at the roof, he let his mind drift until he thought about his brother. He started to worry but Mac said he would tell him when he was here, He stood up and put his Nike trainers on and set off for the running track. As he was walking through the corridor a door swung open and almost knocked his face, in a daze he walked back a bit before seeing one of his training Buddies from basic, Jayden was their name, “Hey mate, good job on passing” Kody grinned as he set off again, he jumped two stairs at a time until he reached the ground floor. He stepped outside and is trainer sunk into a mud puddle, he set off for the running track; although he was already tiered by the time he got there. He didn’t have an iPod so he couldn’t listen to music while he was running, he thought about what he was going to say to James friends when he meets them at bowling. He didn’t want to sound like a ponce, but he didn’t want to sound to desperate, he shrugged and guessed he would go with the flow. After 30 minutes of running he was starting to run out of breath and had sweat patches under his armpits, his throat was dry, but he left his drink bottle in his room. He walked to the main building and waited for the elevator; he would usually take the stairs, but he was too tiered. He reached his room and searched for his water bottle; it was hiding under his bed. He grabbed it and squirted a high jet of water into his mouth, he took a hot shower and dried off; then sat on his bed waiting on his bed bord out of his mind waiting for bowling.
It was now 6pm, Kody was led to the bowling alley by James who had Kati in tow. James introduced him to his friends Kerry Chang, Bruce Norris, Kyle Blueman and some other mates of his. Kody shook all their hands and said hi, Bruce Norris needed no introduction; he was the karate champion on campus and was better not messed with. Kati sat down while Kody took his turn, He smashed the ball down the alley way and clattered over 7 pins, then on his second try got a spare. As he went to sit down next to Kati, Bruce had beaten him to the punch and looked as if he was flirting with her. He felt mad because it looked like she was enjoying it, but he knew he could only be mad at himself. He slumped down next to James and Kerry who seemed to be enjoying themselves, he got up from his seat to take his turn. As he went to through the ball hit got his thumb caught, it pulled him forward until coming loose and rolled into the gutter. He clenched his thumb; it was sore but not too bad. What heart even more was that when he looked over, he saw Bruce moving into Kiss Kati, there was a lump in his throat as he sat down next James and Kerry. “Nice bowl mate” James cracked up, Kerry whacked his chest “Lay off” she said, James looked over and saw Kody was red and was welling up. “Uh.. you ok mate?” James soothed and rubbed Kody’s back; James felt weird because he didn’t know what to do “Ill be right, just remembered something sad” He chocked back tears to say this, “I’m gonna grab a coke” he stood up and walked to the concession stand and asked for a bottle of coke. He sculled it and used the bathroom, he walked over to James ad sat down. His face was still a bit red, but he pushed through it. After bowling James went to an off-licence store and got a 12 pack of beer. James, Kody, Kerry, Bruce, Kati and Kody went up to James’s room. Kody was only 11 and had never had alcohol before but by the end of the night he found himself stumbling drunkly across the hall to his own room where he toppled over the bed and onto the floor.
Kody woke up to the ringtone on his phone, His hurt and the ringing phone sounded like drummer boys in his ear. He answered the ringing phone and was surprised by a voice he hadn’t heard before, tho voice asked Kody to go to the mission preparation building. He took a shower and got dressed in a freshly washed Cherub before setting off to eat breakfast with his friends. He set off for the mission preparation building, he was halfway there when it started raining. By the time he got there he was drenched, there was a man standing there ready to greet him with his hand out. Kody politely shook the man’s hand. “Names Ewart Asker” “Kody Gartner’ He replied. “I have a mission for you, it looks like its going to be easy” Ewart Explained as he walked to his office. Kody was hit by the warmth and a stench he couldn’t describe. His office was messy, and paper was everywhere “So, lets go over the briefing” Ewart smiled
3 The mission
Mission background
Aberfoyle park or ‘the hub’ has always been joked about having local adults and even Kids from the local high school partake of the ingestion of drugs and underaged drinking, but lately these claims have been more and more true. Over the past 3 months there has been a drastic incline in police arrests relating to drug busts in Aberfoyle park and around the area. ASIS has been working the case for nearly a month now and have made very weak ties from local dealers to higher ups, and ASIS know suspects who the leader of the operation is. His name is Levi Shavess, he is married and has 1 child. Levis son Thomas Shavess is confirmed to work errands for his father, these errands can range from getting coffee to doing small deals for him. Levi
Levi Shavess is currently 35, his wife Lois and his son Thomas. Levi was born in 1669 in USA, New York, When Levi was very young his parents sent him to live with his grandparents. He is currently suspected to own one of the biggest drug rings in the country. He currently lives in Aberfoyle park and this is where we think his base of operations are. ASIS has confirmed that he owns small businesses inside the shopping centre which Is suspected to be used for laundering money.
Thomas Shavess
Thomas Shavess is the only child of the Shavess family. He is 14 years old in2 weeks, ASIS has been surveying him and have unearthed no information that the boys might work for his father. He attends Aberfoyle park High School and is in year 9. He is a bright child and is in their ignite program, ASIS has figured out that he stays in a small friend group and is shy about meeting new kids.
ASIOS already has an ASIS agent and has requested a second agent. Preferably young enough to get involved with Levi’s son. the agent will be asked to infiltrate Aberfoyle Park High School or as the locals call it THE HUB. The agent will get close with Thomas and try to uncover Levi’s Schemes. A second objective is to find and locate any documents that my unearth any other secrets.
THIS MISSION HAS BEEN CLASSED AS A MEDIUM RISK BY THE ETHICS COMMUNITY Agents may be exposed to class A Drugs, remember that any intake of a Class A drug will result in Expulsion from CHERUB. Also remember that the agent’s do not have to accept this mission and can pull out at any time
4 Down Under
Kody put down the briefing with a big ear to ear grin. This was his first mission in hi CHERUB career and it sounded juicy. Ewart slouched back in his chair with his feet up on his desk. “So, do you need time to think or what?” Ewart huffed as if he had better things to do, which he probably did “Yes, pleease sir, going down under should be fun” Kody beamed, practically bouncing in his seat “Call me Ewart, sir makes me fee old” Ewart laughed Kody was told he could leave so he stood up and headed back to the main building to catch lunch with his friends. As he sat down at the regular table, he noticed James wasn’t there “Where’s James?” He asked this to no one in particular “At a mission briefing, he late by the looks of it” Kerry answered, now that Kody remembered he did see James name on his mission briefing. This made him even more excited, after scoffing lunch he went to catch up with James. He didn’t know what to do or when to pack or what time he was leaving “Hey, where are you going” James asked “I was gonna ask you some questions then go to lessons” Kody replied “Oh, didn’t Ewart tell you that were leaving tonight, go pack and meet at the front gates in 10” Kody felt stupid for not asking Ewart a simple question, he Started jogging and when he got back to the main building It started raining cats and dogs. After packing he used the bathroom and filled his water bottle up. He set off down the stairs when he ran into Bruce Noris, he liked Bruce but found it awkward with him dating his crush. He ignored his feelings and continued down the steps, He reached the van were James, Ewart and someone he had not met. James was holding a baby as well, this made Kody even more confused. “Hello, my names Zara asker, you’ve already met my Husband. This is my son Joshua” The woman said “Kody gartner” Kody smiled as they all loaded into the van. The floor was carpeted and soft, Kody strapped in and still had a grin on his face as the Van set off for the airport. Kody was sandwiched in between James and a baby seat holding Joshua. Joshua slept most of the way but threw a fit when his mother tried to remove him from the seat, after waiting at the airport for what felt like an eternity they were on the plane. The seats were stiff and hurt Kodys back, James brought a PSP and he took turns playing games. He Leaned his chair back as far as he could without disrupting the person behind him and shut his eye, He sprang up when he felt a sharp crack on his forehead. It was James who had a sour look on his face “Mind moving sleeping beauty, I need to take a piss” As James said this sourly Kody unbuckled his seat belt and slid into the hallway, After James was done and came back Kody buckled his seatbelt and leaned back. He grabbed a pair of headphones and flicked the tv on that was attached to the seat in front of him, He browsed the movies for a bit until picking the Incredibles. He made it halfway through before nodding off again, this time he was woken up by his own urge to pee. He stood up and stretched before walking to the airplane toilet, It wasn’t too bad and as he opened the door he almost hit a flight attendant. He slumped in his seat and didn’t want to go back to sleep, so he chatted with James about everything from what it was like going on missions to their favourite Arsenal player was. James was showing some signs of nodding off and Kody did the same, they slept the rest of the way there. After a 30 hour flight Kody’s back was stiff and he had trouble keeping his yes open despite getting more than six hours of sleep. It was 11 pm by the time they got through customs and were on the road, They were In a spacious Toyota and Kody had more than enough room. He felt his phone vibrate and flipped it open, he had gotten a text from an unknown number and all it said was hi Hey, do I know you? Ye, I’m Gabriel from bowling. Remember? Oh ye. Wassup Nothing much HBU I’m good good Sorry for the surprise, I scabbed your number off Kerry Oh nice, well it’s a pleasant surprise After that he said good bye and flipped the phone shut before tucking it into his back pocket. The drive lasted 45 minuets before that arrived at there new house in Aberfoyle park, It was one story but still big with a Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, A living room and 4 bedrooms. The Living room had a big tv and 3 couches, He got his bags from the car and carried them into what looked like his room. He dropped them down and looked around at his room. It had white paint on the walls and lush carpet, there was a single bed in the middle of the room and cupboards next to it on either side. There were BMX bikes out back and a in ground pool. It was a Sunday night and Kody had school then next day so he sat down and lost track of time messaging Gabriel, it turned 10:30 when Zara came in and told him to go to sleep.
Kody woke up wet, he had a bit of a scare then realised that it was sweat. It was 30 degrees out side and the prospect of a whole day out there scared him, he got up and got dressed in a brownish shirt with the logo on the chest and black shorts and shoes. He walked out and saw Zara had cooked bacon and eggs and packed their lunch. After scoffing breakfast he set off for school, the ride took five minuets
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2020.09.29 04:14 CupOfEternity She really wants it but can’t. Send help

Hey reddit, I need an advice. I’m currently dating a girl who is 25 and still a virgin. I thought it was odd and asked her about it. She said she tried a lot of times before, but couldn’t do it. We’ve been going out for a few months and are really into each other. We finally decided to try last night. The way the foreplay went, she handled herself extremely well, got really wet, was very much into it, and showed a lot of experience. She had no boundaries and was into pretty much everything right until the point of actual penetration. At that point she started shaking and telling me that she really wants to, but she’s afraid, not afraid of whatever pain might come with losing her virginity, but afraid of having something inside of her. She went to a psychiatrist over this issue before, she has no childhood traumas or any other possible psychological reason not to do it, and she’s been trying since she was 18. Any advice on what might help her cross that line and lay this issue to rest?
Edit: she also is frustrated over not losing her virginity and worries that it limits how much her obgyn can take care of her during checkups
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2020.09.29 04:09 OutbackAdam Long Line - Proposed Remediation Date 2 Years

Hey all, just chasing a little advice incase i missed anything.
Moved into my new house in early June, and was getting 10/1 maximum speed. Found a bridge tap and removed, now getting 18/2. Logged a speed fault via my RSP (AussieBB), NBN rejected the fault and closed the ticket. Waited til after the 1st July "NBN is now complete" announcement and logged a new speed fault specifically referencing uplink speeds of 2mb being the problem. NBN sent out a subcontractor to test everything, he confirmed there's no faults - we're just 1400m from the node. Ticket went back to NBN, another appointment came and went (got cancelled) and i finally got NBN contractor out to verify the subcontractors findings. Confirmed again there's no faults, we're just too far from the node. NBN contractor snuck me a look at picture he received from an an NBN "network guy" that showed my street and 2 of the streets around me don't meet NBN spec and shouldn't have ever been deployed as they were.
Anyway he finishes his testing letting me know we're officially in the "Long Line" queue and NBN will need to come up with a solution and to check back with my RSP for an update. Gave it a week or two and finally got an update from NBN to my RSP that my Proposed Remediation date is September 2022.
We're guessing this means they're coming up with a solution to either build a micro-node closer to cover us, or *fingers crossed* deploy FTTC. Has anyone had any experience with a PRD of 2 years? Was it just an arbitrary date given that was then fine tuned later down the line?
Also does anyone have any recommendations to speed up the process?
With WBA4 just around the corner and the performance rebates built in, i'm thinking of getting all my neighbours to log faults as well so at least there might be a little incentive to push the upgrade through.
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2020.09.29 03:45 PowerCrazedMod 25 [M4F] La Crosse - Tennis Partner?

I'm interested in finding a tennis partner in the La Crosse area for weekly casual tennis for as long as the weather is still nice. Tennis sounds like a fun way of getting outside and seeing someone, while still maintaining a safe social distance.
Feel free to bring a doubles partner if you like.
If we hit it off, I'd love to go xc skiing with you this winter, and maybe go on some cute dates after the pandemic.
I will bring my own racquet and tennis balls, but you should have your own racquet.
Not interested in traveling outside of La Crosse or Onalaska.
Please be older than 22. No MAGAs.
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2020.09.29 03:17 TomisMeMyselfandI Synthesis, Structures, and Properties of Highly Strained Cyclophenylene–Ethynylenes with Axial and Helical Chirality

Single and double cyclophenylene–ethynylenes (CPEs) with stable axial and helical chirality have been synthesized, which possess highly twisted bent structures and interesting chiroptical properties. Orbital interactions are observed along the biphenyl axis in both the single and double CPEs. Boosting of the gabs value occurs in the biphenyl‐based double CPE and in the binaphthyl‐based single CPE, in contrast with the biphenyl‐based single CPE.


Single and double cyclophenylene–ethynylenes (CPEs) with axial and helical chirality have been synthesized by the Sonogashira cross‐coupling of di‐ and tetraethynyl biphenyls with a U‐shaped prearomatic diiodoparaphenylene followed by reductive aromatization. X‐ray crystallographic analyses and DFT calculations revealed that the CPEs possess highly twisted bent structures. Bend angles on the edge of the paraphenylene units were close to the value of [5]cycloparaphenylene (CPP)—the smallest CPP to date. The double and single CPEs possessed stable chirality despite flexible biphenyl structures because of the high strain in the diethynyl–paraphenylene moiety. In both the single and double CPEs, orbital interactions along the biphenyl axis were observed by DFT calculations in LUMO and LUMO+2 of the single CPE and LUMO+1 of the double CPE, which likely cause lowering of these orbital energies. Concerning chiroptical properties: boosting of the gabs value was observed in the biphenyl‐based double CPE, as well as the binaphthyl‐based single CPE, compared to the biphenyl‐based single CPE.
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